Functional Network Interface with USB Interface for Ethernet and CAN

VN5610 - 支持以太网和CAN总线的USB接口卡

What is VN5610?

The VN5610 is a compact and high-performance USB to Ethernet/CAN interface. It provides access to Ethernet-based systems and also supports the BroadR-Reach standard. An interface to CAN networks is also possible.

OEMs in the automotive or aerospace industries and their suppliers are already implementing Ethernet-based networking and will continue to do so in the future.

Overview of Advantages

  • Two independent Ethernet channels; for standard Ethernet (100Mbit/1000Mbit) or BroadR-Reach (100Mbit)
  • Two CAN highspeed channels
    (CAN FD capable)
  • Precise time stamps as well as synchronization between multiple devices and other bus systems
  • Ethernet monitoring
  • High flexibility by reconfigurable FPGA hardware architecture
  • Access to AFDX® protocol

Application Areas

VN5610 - Functional Network Interface with USB Interface for Ethernet and CAN

  • Remaining bus simulation:
    Two independent channels for Ethernet and CAN. On both channels, simultaneous operation of a remaining bus simulation is possible with CANoe.IP or CANalyzer.IP.
  • Media converter: Data link between BroadR-Reach and IEEE802.3 Physical Layer. Benefit: Standard Ethernet logger and Ethernet accessories can be connected.
  • Ethernet monitoring: Transparent connection (in/out/monitor) between two nodes (e.g. Diagnostic over IP monitoring) and monitoring with exact time stamps.

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